Are you depressed?

Depression Hurts, Causes Pain and is a Real Downer…Are You Depressed?…What Can You Do To Cope?

I am Santa Rosa psychologist, therapist, and counselor Dr. Eric Ryan—I help people get their lives back after becoming depressed!  I would like to talk to you about your mood and help you understand if you are clinically depressed.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get depressed these days! You may very well have depression and not know it!  It is a common, treatable condition that affects millions of people over the course of a life time.  Depression hurts—it causes deep pain and distress.  Depression is a frequent reaction to stressors that have overwhelmed your normal ability to cope or when
you encounter a number of losses (loved ones, homes, job, etc).  Depression can also be caused by a number of
other things like:

  • Painful or overwhelming adjustments or life transitions
  • Unresolved childhood issues like past trauma, abuse (physical, sexual or even emotional) or neglect
  • Mid life crises
  • Relationship problems
  • Medical issues
  • Overwhelming work related pressure
  • Biological factors like genes, family history of depression, hormonal fluctuations
  • Depression is twice as common in women

Major Depression is a severe Mood Disorder that can become chronic if left untreated.  A Major Depression or a Mood Disorder is a syndrome that is not a normal reaction to life’s difficulties.  You may have major depression if for a two
week period you consistently have at least 5 or more of the symptoms described below.  Take a look at the following list
of symptoms and see how many you have:


  • Depressed mood most of the day
  • Significantly less interest in things
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Suicidal thoughts, feelings, or preoccupation with death
  • Appetite disturbance: either too little appetite or marked increase
  • Feeling agitated, frantic or being comatose, both are observable by others
  • Feeling worthless or really guilty most of the time
  • Loss of energy and fatigue
  • Trouble thinking, concentrating or being really indecisive

If you suspect you are depressed you should get help!  You do not have to feel this way and help is around the corner.  There are effective treatments for depression that do not have to involve being on antidepressants for the rest of your life
(although that sometimes feels like it is the only choice).  Please see a qualified mental health provider to make changes to improve the quality of your life!  For more information on Depression go to Depression Treatment Options.

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